Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh WOW it has been a long time since I posted on the family blog, well this is what has been going on, Jarett is now in the 4th grade and Ray is in the 2nd grade and they are loving.
Jaretts medical problems have cleared up we found out the reason why he was passing out was because it was his way of dealing with the anxiety. Things are better now, I have had my medical ups and downs but I am slowly getting better my chest is healing great now if we could just get everything else under control that would be awesome.
Ray is loving school and is still as smart as ever, he hasnt missed anywords on a spelling test I think we might have a spelling bee winner on our hands he missed on test last year only because we didnt practice with him very well so far hes been getting 100% plus 5 which is five words from the next grade.
Curtis is loving his new job in Clearfield he is still working for ATK but isnt doing anything with the space program so we are hoping his job is pretty safe for now, cuz they build parts for the government planes and what not.
We are still living in Bear River and enjoying it I still teach Sunday School and love it. I will post pics as soon as I have had the chance to look threw and see which ones i want to post, Ray has also lost his two front teeth.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Me & My MiNi Me
Me and Payton
Farm Girls all sMiLeS

RaY's PiCtUrEs
the first one turned out really good, and then like a switch his mood changed.

More Pics.

So I was messin around with the camera again and decided to take some pictures of the boys before the leaves all fell off the trees at the school, so here they are, notice the excitement in all the pictures.

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn

Darth Ray-der, Soilder Stander
Darth Vader, Army Soilder
Jarett, Brennen, & Ray
Brennen, Ray
(this is one of Ray's bestest friends)

Update Time:
Alot has happened since August, the boys started school and they are loving it. Jarett started scouts and is loving that as well, he got his first badge the other night, his Bobcat Badge and is so excited and we are so proud of him.
PuMpKiN wAlK

Elliot, Miette& Ray standing in front of his classes pumpkins.
Jarett with his classes pumkins

Jarett and I after he pinned his bobcat pin to me.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bear Lake Fun 2010

Uncle Curtis holding Eisley for the first time

Ray getting ready to ride the Jet Ski with cousin Mike

Miette and Ray swimming it up in Bear Lake, they had a blast

Jarett making a sand castle with cousin Emma watching and giving pointers

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Lil Graduate!!!
Well its offical Ray is now a 1st grader

Ray and his friends.
Tylen, Ray, Macyie

Sunday Fun!!!!
we went to Cabellas on sunday and had a great time.

Ray is grumpy cuz we wouldnt let him shoot,
Jarett thought this was pretty cool he kept asking
"Mommy take a picture of me" so I finally did.